Tips for finding A Counsellor or Therapist near me

How do i find the right counsellor or Therapist near me?

Looking for a suitable counsellor or therapist near me; for your situation may seem overwhelming at first. Particularly when you don’t know much about this field. Not only that, but you may not have received any recommendations from family or friends on the therapists who are worth seeing. It is also quite likely that you could be sensitive and worried. This would make it harder to search for suitable counselling near me.


You may be asking yourself: Don’t all counsellors and therapists have the same abilities? Why is it so important to search for the right therapist for my situation? What are the best ways to search for suitable counselling near me?


All those who are counselling near me must have the correct training behind them. They should also be registered with a specific business who has a good reputation. These businesses may include: UKCP or BACP. Once they have registered with such a business, then those who are searching for counselling near me can then trust that these therapists and counsellors will be fully qualified. They will also be required to work under a specific code of ethics especially designed for the field they are working in.


All counsellors and therapists must be registered with one of the above businesses. However, there is more to it than that. Counsellors and therapists must all have a suitable ‘fit’ for the area they have been trained in. Research has proven that all therapists and counsellors must have a good rapport with their clients. This is what will make a therapist or counsellor successful in their role.


An example of this can be found in some recent research. This research was done during the year 1977 by Smith and Glass in the United States. They discovered that those who found counselling and therapy helpful to their situation did not have to always depend on the therapy that was given to them. This means that the rapport between the therapist or counsellor and their client was more important than the type of therapy that was given to the client.


The therapy involved with counselling near me may not seem to matter depending on the results you want to come out of it. You may prefer a specific type of therapy. This means that it is important to spend some time looking into the types of therapy that is included in counselling near me. To find out more about the types of therapy available, you can have a look at the Counselling Directory website.


In the meantime, we have come up with our own tips for you to consider about counselling near me.


Would you like to see a male or female therapist in London?

Most individuals have already made a decision about this. However, it is worthwhile considering this properly. Some people would rather see a female therapist. Particularly if they are a female themselves. In saying that, sometimes a male therapist would be more helpful to your situation than a female. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what gender therapist you choose to see. It is more about choosing a therapist who will be the right ‘fit’ for your situation at the time.oes It Matter If Someone Works With A Male Or Female Therapist?

check out goodtherapy’s artical on therapist sex

or watch this video on the sex of the therapist


Understand Your Feelings And Thoughts As You Discover Them.

When you search for counselling near me, you will discover that most of the counsellors will have their own website. Many will also have social media profiles which will also come with a photograph. When you see their websites or profiles, take notice of what you are feeling or thinking. Ask yourself if the therapist seems professional, far away, warm and friendly? Will you be comfortable telling them about delicate issues you may be facing?


Trust your intuition.

There may be times where you may automatically be attracted to specific therapists or counsellors. Perhaps you originally wanted to find a male therapist, but then became attracted to a woman instead. Whatever the case, always trust what your intuition tells you. This is because it could be giving you some vital information which you may not have noticed in the past.


It Is OK To See A Few Therapists Or Counsellors.

Know that it is OK to have some discussions with a few different counsellors near me before making the final decision. Be aware that the cost of this may become expensive. However, most counsellors near me offer a cheaper option which they can discuss with you on the telephone. Once you have found a suitable counsellor, you will not have to go to the others anymore. Don’t forget to give them plenty of notice if you are not going to see them again.


Give The Counsellor Or Therapist A Fair Go.

Always give the counselling near me a fair go. Try to stick with them for six sessions. This will allow you and the counsellor to start to get to know each other. It will also show that your are committed to these sessions. Particularly if things begin to get difficult during your first few appointments. When you make the time to participate in counselling near me you may experience some feelings that will challenge you. Whatever you do, do not give up on this early on. Stick with it as long as possible.


It really is worth participating in some counselling near me. However, it is important that you do not just choose anyone. Do not rush into this. Spend some time doing some research on who may be worth seeing. Give a few different counsellors a go until you have come to a decision. Never give up early on. Always give them a fair go before moving on to someone else.